Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another year...

Happy New yearAnother year has gone by,
And everything has changed.
My messy, complicated life,
Seems a bit arranged.
No idea how I got here,
No idea when,
Even I find it a li'l bit strange.

Something happened to me,
Precisely, Someone did.
And from there on,
Even the thorns felt candid.

Found a new college, Found a new dream.
But things were not easy as they seemed.
Made few friends, lost a few,
Sadly, that's how the life continues.

Sometime's I'm happy, Sometimes happier,
Wondering why, as I look upon the dimlit sky,
Everything has changed,
And another year has gone by..

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The First Kiss...

Standing together, Midst the green fields.
Birds were chirping, And a butterfly flew by!
first kissShy smiles lit up the two faces,
As the evening sun, did to the sky!

Heads closed in, The air grew warm,
But the nose didn't give way.
The faces grinned, and then tilted,
And the lips had their day!

A little bit wet, A little sweet,
And a little too romantic.
A little bit sexy, A little minty,
And a little too charismatic.
A little of that, And a little of this,
Such was the first first kiss!!

And they did it again,
And again, And again all over.
They loved each other so much,
They went on forever.
Hugged each other, Found the bliss,
Such was the first first kiss!! 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Oh Friend Of Mine..

Don't be angry,
Please don't be mad,
Because Where would I go without you?
What would I do?
I have known myself since the day I knew you..
Friend Of Mine
Sorry for the times i failed,
To make you happy when you cried.
Sorry for the times I wasn't there,
Ignorance was definitely not what I tried..

But now you don't reply to my text,
Do you even bother? Of us being together?
As i sit here, sending you one after another..
Oh Friend of mine, are you still crying?
Please say something, hit me if you want,
Don't be silent, As inside I'm dying..

Why you lie their so stiff, Not a muscle moving??
Dressed up in a suit, Is it somewhere you're going?
Wont you take me with you?
As I have known myself since the day I knew you..

Why are you in that box?? Are you unwell??
Why are you going in the van?? And why do the eyes of people swell??
Wait! Let me bring my bike,
We will go together, Just like we did forever,
The journey of our life,
Even you betrayed me, and went walking alone,
The march to the shrine,
Oh dear friend of mine,..
Oh dear friend of mine....

Monday, 17 September 2012

Old or New!

Old or New
Once was I, till He came by,
Replaced me from your heart.
The things I did were all forgotten,
A new trend did he start.

Instant happiness, Instant results,
Labors were less, fruits were more!
Allured you in his charms,
For many He had in store!

I disappeared, but was not forgotten,
For those who lived with me knew,
I was slow, i was innocent,
But I used to bring out the best in you!

People now realize and a change has begun,
The changes He did, are now being undone!
Any of us cannot rule, It all depends on how you construe,
You call me "Old", you call him "New".

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Soak No More...

Dark cloudsThe dark clouds have gone now,
A bright color my earth has wore,
The infectious rains have stopped,
And I am soaked no more..

You came as my sun,
The bright end of my dark tunnel,
Lifting the gloomy aura around me,
Making me breathe, the air of love,
Making my confidence soar,
And now I am soaked no more...

You loved me the way I am,
You let me what I wanna be,
Watered my wilted heart,
Manured my malnutrited soul,
And behold!
Here I am, as good as new,
Happy as never before,
Only as I'm soaked no more..

Be with me forever,
Manure me till eternity,
Love me with your warmth,
Bind me to your core,
Protect me from the darkness,
So that I soak no more...

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Marriage is a synchronous relationship,
Just like a vehicle on two wheels.
One wobbles, and the vehicle comes down,
Causes damage to both sides,
To the one who sits, and to the one who rides.

The key is to being faithful,
As long as we're truthful,
As long as we are together,
As long as you love me,
It doesn't matter, who chooses you,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

I will love you with all my heart,
So much, that we won't fall apart,
I don't care how you come to me,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

If I get to meet you first,
I would take you to my family,
Let them judge my choice,
On basis of character and heart,
And if you pass the test with flying colors,
With you a new life I'll start.

If my elders bring you to me,
You, having passed their scrutiny,
I would see that we match,
That we communicate, Chemistry that connects,
And I'll marry you without any regrets.

As long as you love me,
As long as you're there,
Marriage:- How ? When? Where?
I seriously don't care! <3

This post is submitted in Indiblogger contest of Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sky Lanterns...

Floating Lights
As You and I,
Sit by the river,
Holding hands, heads on shoulders,
Its time for the lights to rise,
Smiling, both You and I,
As they start glimmering in the sky..

En-lighted souls protected by paper,
Fueled by joy of times commune,
Rising up high with no measure of distance,
Those tiny flying sky lanterns..

A fire, similar, burns within me,
Makes me want to take you high,
High above the clouds, places unexplored,
Where we could be together,
Forever in each other arms,
Where we would have a small hut,
A few kids and a tiny little farm.

I wanna spend more time with you,
Be with you, Make you mine,
So I ask you this now,
When I'll be the cone, will you be my ice-cream scoop?
When I'll be the Hitler, will you be my Nazi group?
I'll be your maiden, and you be my fluffy unicorn,
I'll be your sky, and you be my only gleaming lantern! <3

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Purple Dreams...

Darkness has grown deeper,
The moon illuminated, overhead.
I finish my chores swiftly,
Its time to go to bed.
Not that I crave for sleep,
But i want to be with you,
Not in the busy roads,
Not in the gloomy parks,
But places with hills, clouds and streams,
The places in my purple dreams..

A place where I'm perfect,
Not ugly, Not an outcast,
And definitely not so poor,
The place where I'm the prince,
Not a dog living beside the sewers..
The place where I could have you,
All by myself..
You, resting on my shoulders,
Showing no signs of regret..
So when you look upon me,
With eyes filled of trust,
Not with an fleeting sense of pity,
With the air of indifference brushed..

I don't want to live in the reality,
Whining for alms all day..
While I remain a Beggar, and they call you,
"A rising Superstar."
I want to take you places,
Where no claps are given for false expressions,
No gnawing Official threats of Rehabilitation,
Where there are no Flashlights, where no Admirer screams,
The only place, where We're together,
The place of my Purple Dreams.. <3

Monday, 23 July 2012

World in Your Eyes!

World in your eyes,
Wildest it seems.
Drowning in the sea of your love,
My ultimate final dream!

You make me feel,
Something amazing!
That priceless feeling,
Of being a Diamond ring!

I feel safe with you,
Protected from the world.
I trust you with my heart,
You will keep me safe, my gurl!

I see myself,
Ruling as a king!
Of the world in your lovely eyes,
Even though wildest as it seems!.. <3


Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Rain Has Come...

I thought you would color my Picture,
But you just washed it Black.
I thought you would hold tight,
But you just cut me slack.
The Rain has come,
After the drought of pain,
To wash away your memories,
To free me again..

You spoiled my life,made me beg,
Treated me like shit and Poisoned my heart,
You Broke my trust, You just tore me apart.
But now the rain has come,
Its time I moved on.
Its time I realised,
It was me who actually won.
You lost the best thing,
That happened in your life.
For a better body and fuller pocket,
Oh gosh! You're so naive!

When I look back in time,
I now laugh at myself.
Falling for you,
Was a real big foolish mistake.
But now I wipe my tears,
The darkness finally gone,
Smiling as I raise my hands to the sky,
At last The Rain has Come... <3

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I am Sorry...

Sorry for the times you were hurt,
It was for the things I did.
Sorry for the times you cried,
It was when I behaved stupid.

Not that I meant to hurt you,
Not that I wanted you upset,
It was all my fault,
And now I do really regret.

You know I ain't perfect,
Even I have my own flaws.
Sorry I wasn't a perfect guy,
Sorry for breaking unspoken laws.

Sorry for the times I interfered,
I admit it wasn't my job.
Sorry for the times I joked,
Humiliating you amongst the mob.

Now that I realise,
My eyes go blurry.
I know its no use telling,
But still "I am Sorry".

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The morning starts with her face,
Night falls with her love.
Her magic intoxicating,
Peace from the heart of a dove.

She is my kryptonite,
Flares up my emotions.
She's the heart and soul of every party,
My last, ultimate destination.

No matter how much i love her,
I still can't get enough!
She makes me feel, myself,
Fresh as the mint of a clove..

Her hazel eyes bore into my soul,
When I look deep in them.
Like water from the bluest ocean,
Enchanting love within..

The peace of her lap,
Sweetness of her kiss,
The grace of her touch,
That defines me with..

Her magic intoxicating,
Peace from the heart of a dove,
She makes me feel, myself,
Fresh as the mint of a clove... <3

Monday, 16 July 2012

A Forgotten Friend...

We were together for a long long time,
Playing together in the foaming brine.
Taking long strides across the meadow,
Going long drives enjoying sunshine.

Remember the lies we told,
Remember the relationship we used to hold.
Remember the secrets we used to share,
Remember how we used to pull each others hair.

Sadly I say the days have gone,
You left me lonely,You left me forlorn.
You don’t miss me and you don’t care,
It evident you have moved the fuck on.

You got new friends and you say they are better,
You forgot me but you said you would never.
You are rude and you are careless,
Such actions make me damn hopeless.

I guess its over,I should let go,
But I still hold on in hope you would show.
You say that changing is just a trend,
And I am..Yeah! Just A Fuckin Forgotten Friend..<3

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bored In The Math Class...

Students Uninterested, Copies Deserted,
The pens are lying down...
Sneaking at hotties, poking besiders,
Everyone’s fuckin around...

Humping, Jumping n Yelling,
The teacher scribbles on the board…
Minds of the masses filled,
With Procrastination on the hoard,

The one who invented numbers,
I wanna kick his itchy ass…
Formulae, Derivations and Steps,
Convulsing minds to bloody carcass…

Tolerating maths for such long hours,
Feels worse than enduring malaria…
Arguments, Geometry, Algebra, Roots,
Contributing to the Hysteria…

Bottles, Benches Desks and even my head,
Everything I wanna smash…
Here I am ultimately… Yeah!
Fuckin bored in the math class…