Monday, 16 July 2012

A Forgotten Friend...

We were together for a long long time,
Playing together in the foaming brine.
Taking long strides across the meadow,
Going long drives enjoying sunshine.

Remember the lies we told,
Remember the relationship we used to hold.
Remember the secrets we used to share,
Remember how we used to pull each others hair.

Sadly I say the days have gone,
You left me lonely,You left me forlorn.
You don’t miss me and you don’t care,
It evident you have moved the fuck on.

You got new friends and you say they are better,
You forgot me but you said you would never.
You are rude and you are careless,
Such actions make me damn hopeless.

I guess its over,I should let go,
But I still hold on in hope you would show.
You say that changing is just a trend,
And I am..Yeah! Just A Fuckin Forgotten Friend..<3