Saturday, 28 July 2012

Purple Dreams...

Darkness has grown deeper,
The moon illuminated, overhead.
I finish my chores swiftly,
Its time to go to bed.
Not that I crave for sleep,
But i want to be with you,
Not in the busy roads,
Not in the gloomy parks,
But places with hills, clouds and streams,
The places in my purple dreams..

A place where I'm perfect,
Not ugly, Not an outcast,
And definitely not so poor,
The place where I'm the prince,
Not a dog living beside the sewers..
The place where I could have you,
All by myself..
You, resting on my shoulders,
Showing no signs of regret..
So when you look upon me,
With eyes filled of trust,
Not with an fleeting sense of pity,
With the air of indifference brushed..

I don't want to live in the reality,
Whining for alms all day..
While I remain a Beggar, and they call you,
"A rising Superstar."
I want to take you places,
Where no claps are given for false expressions,
No gnawing Official threats of Rehabilitation,
Where there are no Flashlights, where no Admirer screams,
The only place, where We're together,
The place of my Purple Dreams.. <3