Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Rain Has Come...

I thought you would color my Picture,
But you just washed it Black.
I thought you would hold tight,
But you just cut me slack.
The Rain has come,
After the drought of pain,
To wash away your memories,
To free me again..

You spoiled my life,made me beg,
Treated me like shit and Poisoned my heart,
You Broke my trust, You just tore me apart.
But now the rain has come,
Its time I moved on.
Its time I realised,
It was me who actually won.
You lost the best thing,
That happened in your life.
For a better body and fuller pocket,
Oh gosh! You're so naive!

When I look back in time,
I now laugh at myself.
Falling for you,
Was a real big foolish mistake.
But now I wipe my tears,
The darkness finally gone,
Smiling as I raise my hands to the sky,
At last The Rain has Come... <3

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