Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Soak No More...

Dark cloudsThe dark clouds have gone now,
A bright color my earth has wore,
The infectious rains have stopped,
And I am soaked no more..

You came as my sun,
The bright end of my dark tunnel,
Lifting the gloomy aura around me,
Making me breathe, the air of love,
Making my confidence soar,
And now I am soaked no more...

You loved me the way I am,
You let me what I wanna be,
Watered my wilted heart,
Manured my malnutrited soul,
And behold!
Here I am, as good as new,
Happy as never before,
Only as I'm soaked no more..

Be with me forever,
Manure me till eternity,
Love me with your warmth,
Bind me to your core,
Protect me from the darkness,
So that I soak no more...

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Marriage is a synchronous relationship,
Just like a vehicle on two wheels.
One wobbles, and the vehicle comes down,
Causes damage to both sides,
To the one who sits, and to the one who rides.

The key is to being faithful,
As long as we're truthful,
As long as we are together,
As long as you love me,
It doesn't matter, who chooses you,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

I will love you with all my heart,
So much, that we won't fall apart,
I don't care how you come to me,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

If I get to meet you first,
I would take you to my family,
Let them judge my choice,
On basis of character and heart,
And if you pass the test with flying colors,
With you a new life I'll start.

If my elders bring you to me,
You, having passed their scrutiny,
I would see that we match,
That we communicate, Chemistry that connects,
And I'll marry you without any regrets.

As long as you love me,
As long as you're there,
Marriage:- How ? When? Where?
I seriously don't care! <3

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sky Lanterns...

Floating Lights
As You and I,
Sit by the river,
Holding hands, heads on shoulders,
Its time for the lights to rise,
Smiling, both You and I,
As they start glimmering in the sky..

En-lighted souls protected by paper,
Fueled by joy of times commune,
Rising up high with no measure of distance,
Those tiny flying sky lanterns..

A fire, similar, burns within me,
Makes me want to take you high,
High above the clouds, places unexplored,
Where we could be together,
Forever in each other arms,
Where we would have a small hut,
A few kids and a tiny little farm.

I wanna spend more time with you,
Be with you, Make you mine,
So I ask you this now,
When I'll be the cone, will you be my ice-cream scoop?
When I'll be the Hitler, will you be my Nazi group?
I'll be your maiden, and you be my fluffy unicorn,
I'll be your sky, and you be my only gleaming lantern! <3