Saturday, 11 August 2012


Marriage is a synchronous relationship,
Just like a vehicle on two wheels.
One wobbles, and the vehicle comes down,
Causes damage to both sides,
To the one who sits, and to the one who rides.

The key is to being faithful,
As long as we're truthful,
As long as we are together,
As long as you love me,
It doesn't matter, who chooses you,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

I will love you with all my heart,
So much, that we won't fall apart,
I don't care how you come to me,
Be it myself, Or be it my mummy.

If I get to meet you first,
I would take you to my family,
Let them judge my choice,
On basis of character and heart,
And if you pass the test with flying colors,
With you a new life I'll start.

If my elders bring you to me,
You, having passed their scrutiny,
I would see that we match,
That we communicate, Chemistry that connects,
And I'll marry you without any regrets.

As long as you love me,
As long as you're there,
Marriage:- How ? When? Where?
I seriously don't care! <3

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  1. Yayyieee you! That was pretty cool.. interesting! All the best :D

  2. Nice.... I found it a personal one... but you did well.

  3. Lovely poem, flows brilliantly and is a great poetic take on marriage.

  4. nice post :) all the best :) here have a look at these one too whenever you get time :)