Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Soak No More...

Dark cloudsThe dark clouds have gone now,
A bright color my earth has wore,
The infectious rains have stopped,
And I am soaked no more..

You came as my sun,
The bright end of my dark tunnel,
Lifting the gloomy aura around me,
Making me breathe, the air of love,
Making my confidence soar,
And now I am soaked no more...

You loved me the way I am,
You let me what I wanna be,
Watered my wilted heart,
Manured my malnutrited soul,
And behold!
Here I am, as good as new,
Happy as never before,
Only as I'm soaked no more..

Be with me forever,
Manure me till eternity,
Love me with your warmth,
Bind me to your core,
Protect me from the darkness,
So that I soak no more...

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