Friday, 9 November 2012

Oh Friend Of Mine..

Don't be angry,
Please don't be mad,
Because Where would I go without you?
What would I do?
I have known myself since the day I knew you..
Friend Of Mine
Sorry for the times i failed,
To make you happy when you cried.
Sorry for the times I wasn't there,
Ignorance was definitely not what I tried..

But now you don't reply to my text,
Do you even bother? Of us being together?
As i sit here, sending you one after another..
Oh Friend of mine, are you still crying?
Please say something, hit me if you want,
Don't be silent, As inside I'm dying..

Why you lie their so stiff, Not a muscle moving??
Dressed up in a suit, Is it somewhere you're going?
Wont you take me with you?
As I have known myself since the day I knew you..

Why are you in that box?? Are you unwell??
Why are you going in the van?? And why do the eyes of people swell??
Wait! Let me bring my bike,
We will go together, Just like we did forever,
The journey of our life,
Even you betrayed me, and went walking alone,
The march to the shrine,
Oh dear friend of mine,..
Oh dear friend of mine....

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