Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The First Kiss...

Standing together, Midst the green fields.
Birds were chirping, And a butterfly flew by!
first kissShy smiles lit up the two faces,
As the evening sun, did to the sky!

Heads closed in, The air grew warm,
But the nose didn't give way.
The faces grinned, and then tilted,
And the lips had their day!

A little bit wet, A little sweet,
And a little too romantic.
A little bit sexy, A little minty,
And a little too charismatic.
A little of that, And a little of this,
Such was the first first kiss!!

And they did it again,
And again, And again all over.
They loved each other so much,
They went on forever.
Hugged each other, Found the bliss,
Such was the first first kiss!! 

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