Sunday, 22 December 2013

Space Bound Tears...

You say "Sleep". All that is left of me,
Is a mystery, A incomplete fantasy.
Maybe something that I need,

Is the warm sunlight weed.

Annihilation is close, The surface is ill,
Lets keep it real, Men Of Steel.
Even if it's hurting inside,
Men of the fucking steel.

The infinite black hole stands,
Sucking through it's hands.
It wants, It rants,

Sucks you in with the bare hands.

Save this star, Back you hold.
Behold, I told. You sold,
Out in the cold,
Me into the cruel world.

Heart-Broken, pierced with a spear,
And now I disappear, 
Through a thousand light years,
With my Space Bound Tears...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Goodbye O little one!
Save yourself some trouble,
In this rough patch of life,
From my stones and rubble.

Because I will hurt you everyday,
As my words are thorns.
And with flowers all dried up,
The sweetness, is now long gone.

And I will expect, the unexpected,
And will treat you wrong when you falter,
Deliverance, I crave,
Go away! Or you will regret why you ever came!

And if not, will succumb in my shelter.

Tears, I give you. Pain, you cry.
Even this small fact, you can't deny.

Hurt you are, And soon will be lost,
Wandering in my vast white lie.

You were the best thing, that happened to me,
And I was the worst for you.
Best Friend, I was. Life, I became.

Love happened, What could you do?

Goodbye! O little one!
For the pain will be more.
Hatred and sadness within me,
As I have lots in store.

Be happy! Stay safe!
Miss me when you're gone..
Its time now! Farewell Little one...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Night Has Been Long...

Long NightThe night has been long,
When will you dawn over me?
When will you come, floating?
Serene, over the thoughts of mine.
Smile, and stop time.

Waiting, I sit,
Cornered by the stars.
The moon glares,
And the darkness claps.
When will you come along?
The night has been long.

No sound, No noise,
Except a few crickets,
Celebrating over dinner.
Nothing for me, As i wait,
Except the passing car blows,
Its shrill honk.
Why is the night so long?

Missing your warmth,
The magic of your fingertips.
The smoothness of your touch,
As i keep longing for it much.
Even the end has come,
of my little sad song.
When will you come along?
The night has been long.
Please come along. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Miss Me Sometime..

I don't want you to be there,
Every other second.
I don't want you to stay,
Every single minute.
But won't it feel nice? Won't it be just?
If you do a chore, Involving me in it?

A single text would do,
To show that you miss me.
A single call would suffice,
To show that you care,
Is it really so difficult for you?

To do your share?

You will regret when I'm gone,
When I will be busy, When I'll scorn.

When I won't be there, the first one to text,
When you will be mine, as I'm your next.

When you will feel the pain,
As I feel, in this very context.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

That Girl In Class..

Silent from the face, loud from the heart,
Despising her fashion sense, Conscious of her fat,
A little foolish, and not so little smart!
There's a sweet little girl in my class.

Sparse friends, Sparser the love,
Misses her home more than above.
She may not turn heads, amongst a crowd.
But when she speaks, She delivers it loud!
Everyone gives an impression, But She makes it last!
There's a cute little girl in my class.

Get to know her, She is an entire different person.
Justifying the saying not to judge a book by its cover!
Lives in content, lives in happiness,
Without a boyfriend or lover.
Not one in a million, but She's a star!
There's a lovely little girl in my class!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Tune..

On a chilly winter morning,
Bloody PianoAs the dew on the grass shone,
Like tiny little scattered diamonds,
Across the maintained grassy lawn.
The tune was flowing out of the window,
Softly purging the air,
But to the attentive listener,
It reeked of despair.

Some strings were pulled slow,
And some, with anger.
Like someone was sobbing,
Midst tears, getting stronger.
And there was a Thud!
Fiercely the tune stopped,
It was like something had fallen,
Or someone knocked over.

It had become eerily quiet,
Like the shadows have taken their toll.
Unable to restrain my curiosity,
I decided to peek after all. 
The keys were bloody,
And a pool had formed after the fall.
Lying on the floor,
Was a wrist slit doll.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


MemoriesDon't know if I'll be here tomorrow,
Can't say you will be there.
The only things that will remain,
Are the sweet memories,
Of the time that we spare..

No more pokes, No more calls,
No more "Missing You" texts.
Like, love all gone,
Replaced by disrespect.

Won't your shirt lose its smell?
Won't your painting fade?
I won't be cuddling you the same,
But crying alone instead..

Wonder if I could touch your face,
Wonder if I will be human again..
Wonder if i can be the one,
Before all of this began..

Fifty years from now,
Faces may be forgotten, Numbers misplaced.
Love ma be lost, Confidence displaced.
But my love, I swear,
But I'll always remember the memories,
Of the time we spare..

Friday, 11 January 2013


I did all that I can,
AloneI tried all that I could,
But you were never content,
You were never ever proud.

Now its weird,
And I cannot understand.
What is that you need,
What is that you want,
As I stand here,
Hoping that you will let me a hand..

Never could make you happy,
Never came upto your expectations.
You are tired of me now, i know.
You don't wanna see me anymore,
And I don't blame you, It's not your fault,
Its all about the situations..

All I say is sorry,
I don't wanna burden you anymore,
Let god wash me away,
Far from you, farther from all,
Farthest from the shore..