Tuesday, 12 March 2013


MemoriesDon't know if I'll be here tomorrow,
Can't say you will be there.
The only things that will remain,
Are the sweet memories,
Of the time that we spare..

No more pokes, No more calls,
No more "Missing You" texts.
Like, love all gone,
Replaced by disrespect.

Won't your shirt lose its smell?
Won't your painting fade?
I won't be cuddling you the same,
But crying alone instead..

Wonder if I could touch your face,
Wonder if I will be human again..
Wonder if i can be the one,
Before all of this began..

Fifty years from now,
Faces may be forgotten, Numbers misplaced.
Love ma be lost, Confidence displaced.
But my love, I swear,
But I'll always remember the memories,
Of the time we spare..

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