Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Goodbye O little one!
Save yourself some trouble,
In this rough patch of life,
From my stones and rubble.

Because I will hurt you everyday,
As my words are thorns.
And with flowers all dried up,
The sweetness, is now long gone.

And I will expect, the unexpected,
And will treat you wrong when you falter,
Deliverance, I crave,
Go away! Or you will regret why you ever came!

And if not, will succumb in my shelter.

Tears, I give you. Pain, you cry.
Even this small fact, you can't deny.

Hurt you are, And soon will be lost,
Wandering in my vast white lie.

You were the best thing, that happened to me,
And I was the worst for you.
Best Friend, I was. Life, I became.

Love happened, What could you do?

Goodbye! O little one!
For the pain will be more.
Hatred and sadness within me,
As I have lots in store.

Be happy! Stay safe!
Miss me when you're gone..
Its time now! Farewell Little one...

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