Sunday, 22 December 2013

Space Bound Tears...

You say "Sleep". All that is left of me,
Is a mystery, A incomplete fantasy.
Maybe something that I need,

Is the warm sunlight weed.

Annihilation is close, The surface is ill,
Lets keep it real, Men Of Steel.
Even if it's hurting inside,
Men of the fucking steel.

The infinite black hole stands,
Sucking through it's hands.
It wants, It rants,

Sucks you in with the bare hands.

Save this star, Back you hold.
Behold, I told. You sold,
Out in the cold,
Me into the cruel world.

Heart-Broken, pierced with a spear,
And now I disappear, 
Through a thousand light years,
With my Space Bound Tears...

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