Sunday, 5 January 2014

Let Her Go...

You know she deserves it, For she is worth,
Lot than you, A whole lot more.
But stuck, her life's drowning,
And she is too far away from the shore.
Save her, You gotta leave her side,
She is wasting away her life, rules abide.

Your love is the poison, That she takes every day,
Digging up her own grave, laying down the hay.

She thinks she is happy, for her thoughts clouded,
And you know, as you see her dying everyday.

She's growing dark, Fading away her glow,
Its best that now you should let her go...

You could never be for anyone,
Spoiled all lives that you touched.
Still hungry for others happiness? Still bent for giving pain?
Don't you think its already too much?

You are the sun, And she, the snow,
Stay and kill her, Or Make her live and go..

You never could be for your parents.
How could you be for someone else?
The pronounced untouchable, The black sheep of the family,
Sitting over shoulders, consuming their wealth.

For you're a leech, That feeds on people happiness,
Spare her, Just let her go!

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