Friday, 11 July 2014


changedYou knew you won't be loved,
Appreciation, That's a distant post.
Humiliation comes complementary,
Like the sauce on the duckling roast.
Judged, Condemned.
Thought as a mole.

Doing good? You thought?
Wandered off far,
Midst the company, feeling a star.
And when someone went overboard,
Help was cried, You plunged.
Relief camps after the war.

Who said you to jump?
When it was nothing but darkness?
When you knew it to be so.
And now you cry, Whats the use?
A child from a mother, Which you just stole.
And now that remains, Is a heart with a hole.

Too small a wave, Falls down fast.
A wave too high, Hits the mast.
Go right or go wrong,
Drowning, Goodbye, So far, So long.

Had you pondered over your actions,
Had you taken a little more time,
After all A stitch in time, saves nine.
Would be a scenario else,
Maybe happy, But surely not deranged,
All it would be, definitely Changed.